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We understand the casino business. Let us guide you to a "Profitable Sale". Whether you own a real estate based casino, casino boat, poker room or an internet casino, let the experts get it sold for you.
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Dear Real Estate Professional,

We will gladly cooperate with you and help you find the right property for your buyer. You can easily browse through our website and select any properties that may be of interest. However, in order for us to send you more detailed information, we need you to follow the instructions below and send or fax us the forms completely filled out and signed.

Please understand that selling a casino or other gaming establishment requires a certain level of experience. To that end, we must ask that you observe the following qualifications before getting in touch with us about our listings. Some of our listings are for principals only.

1. We will be happy to co-operate if we have not dealt with your client in the past (12) months.

2. The co-operating agent (you, not your broker) must have personally been involved in at least (5) commercial transactions that have "closed".

3. If # 1 and # 2 above are met, then you must represent that your buyer has the "ready funds" to make at least a 15-20% down payment on the property you are interested in.

4. If # 1 and # 2 above are not met, we are happy to pay you a 20% referral fee from earned commissions. (If we have not dealt with your client in the past year).

5. All of the above are waived if your brokerage company participates in our "Partnership Program." Call us at (727) 669-1600 to discuss this program.

6. After your client has been registered with us, we will protect that client for a period of one year from the registration date. If another broker attempts to register your client, we will reject that registration during the one year period in your favor.

7. Co-operating agent or broker must pay a $1,000 marketing fee from your side of the transaction.

We will co-operate with FLORIDA BROKERS ONLY on an agreed to split basis after our national marketing fees have been deducted from the top. We gladly pay a 20% referral fee to licensed brokers if you don't meet the above requirements.

View or Print the Co-Brokerage Agreement

Real Estate Agents Co-Brokerage Information
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Commission Agreement/Referral Agreement
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