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How To Print The Confidentiality Agreement

View or Print the Confidentiality Agreement

The Confidentiality Agreement is a legal document that you have to print out, fill in, and mail or fax to International Realty Plus+, LLC.

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Clearwater, Florida 33761

The agreement is several pages long, and you need to initial each page.

Because web pages are not designed to be printed, there are no standard print controls that make printing the document easy. How web pages are printed depends on your own particular browser settings - such as your usual font (how the letters and symbols look) and the type-size (how big the letters and symbols are).

Remember, INITIAL EACH PAGE - no matter how it is printed!

Because the agreement page is designed to be printed and not to be browsed, it has no hypertext links. Use the back button to return here after printing the agreement.

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